David Zainer Management provides 35 years of experience managing all aspects of construction projects, from initial programming to scheduling to budgeting to entitlements and from design to construction to move-in to post completion. DZM's project and construction management services are catered to the unique needs of each client and each project. DZM clients are business Owners that demand concise planning of the construction phasing and logistics so their business has minimal disruption during construction and demand project delivery on time and on budget. DZM clients are Non-profits with governing Boards that require professional accountability and managerial oversight to maximize their often limited funds. DZM clients are Developers that need expertise to coordinate new utility services, review and red line bid documents for constructability and design options, and scrutinize a contractor's estimate item-by-item for excessive charges or double ups. DZM's services reach to projects throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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